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How often to have an escort life is good for your health?



The effect of the frequency of escort on the body is a complex issue, as it involves many individual differences, such as sexual preference, age, health status, etc. Generally speaking, the frequency of sexual life should be based on personal comfort and physical condition as the main considerations.

Numerous studies have shown that sex has many benefits for physical and mental health, including relieving stress, boosting cardiovascular health, boosting immunity, and enhancing your relationship. For the average healthy person, having sex once or twice a week is a more appropriate frequency. This frequency can maintain the health of the body and is not likely to cause fatigue, pain, or other discomfort.

Although this frequency is more appropriate for many healthy people, not all bodies are the same, so there is no certain standard that applies to everyone. If you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, nervous system disease, mental disease, or other health problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor for more detailed and accurate advice.

In short, the optimal level of sexual frequency is not fixed. Everyone should find their own comfort level and fitness, and value safety, hygiene, and emotional honesty when it comes to sex.


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